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Testimonials from some of our clients for whom we have built or produced WordPress, eCommerce sites, Chatbots, SEO or other services.

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Joseph Brackley

Great, helped me set up and build my Woocommerce store and fixed all the SEO issues, analytics & tracking and configured all the needed plugins. Two special ones needed to be written and they were done very well. It’s great to see people taking pride in their work and doing things correctly. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Joseph Brackley
Designer - 33 Years Old

Jonathon Simpson

I tried them all, and looked at a few different agencies before settling on Xhostcom for our site build. The build quality and attention to detail is superb, and more importantly, my site not only looks great, it actually works properly and does what it is supposed to do, which is to get us clients!

Jonathon Simpson
Sales Manager, 37 years old

Susan Meyer

Fantastic SEO services, ranked my pet store in Australia for hard to get keywords in just over 4 months, and for terms I definitely would not have come up with myself. Its very clever how they do it, with a knock on ranking effect on other pages and products in the site very impressed with the service and its now a permanent fixture in the overall strategy!

susan meyer
Susan Meyer
Pet Store Owner - 33 Years Old

Yvonne Anyer

I just did not realise that there was so much involved in having a professional website built. The things that make it all tick are unbelievable, I’m definitely glad I got Xhostcom to build it for me. Seeing what’s under the hood makes you realise that its much more difficult than just throwing up a nice looking theme, with all the ancillary components. I just would not know where to start!

anya 1
Yvonne Anyer
CEO, Vayne - 37 Years Old

James Regan

When I saw the first Avatar based AI Smart Chatbot materialize on my website, I was literally awestruck by its 3d visual clarity, movement, and chat automation. The Avatar guides and instructs, while the chat flow logic gets the customer to pull out their credit cards! Awesome, its reduced my bounce rates and abandoned carts by huge amounts and increased revenue at least 3 times what it was.

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James Regan
CEO eCommerce Store - 64 Years Old

AnnMarie Sylvester

I am absolutely 100% recommending Paul at Xhostcom for the construction of my new website. After a brief discussion about my business he understood my vision and came up with a stack of recommendations which were implemented in to the build. Genius in my opinion.

AnnMarie Sylvester
Proprietor - Moonstone Tarot - 56 years old

Bob Gruhl

I’ve had a chat agent app built and it’s far better than any other regular chat app I’ve seen. Its far more lifelike and engaging and I like that you can use them to promote just about anything. The avatar keeps the viewers and visitors engaged like nothing else I’ve seen and the scripts can be changed by the team without any headaches. Its been well worth the investment for the increased revenue that I’ve seen coming in. Congrats to Paul & team.

Bob Gruhl
Owner eCommerce Store - 47 Years Old

Mike Mathews

Paul, you have definitely done your research and developed another ground breaking piece of software. I truly see great and game changing potential. You are definitely in a league of your own and head and shoulders above the competition. Thank you for building us such a fantastic piece of kit!

Mike Mathews
CEO Cyber Games, 56 years old